Bandcamp Alternatives: Time to jump ship?


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Bandcamp Alternatives

Bandcamp isn’t the only music distribution game in town. Here are some possible alternatives to consider in case things go south in the near future.

Bandcamp Alternatives

This is why we can’t have nice things. After a long and protracted couple of years, music licensing behemoth Songtradr is buying Bandcamp, the independent music distribution platform. Songtradr says that nothing will change, asserting that it will “continue to operate Bandcamp as a marketplace and music community with an artist-first revenue share.”



In case you’re just emerging from a Cryosleep and don’t know what I’m talking about, Bandcamp is an online music distribution platform that allows artists to independently sell their music. They can do this digitally or via physical media. They can also sell merch like T-shirts from the site. Bandcamp takes a cut, of course, but the site is widely regarded as having fair and artist-friendly policies. Bandcamp Fridays, where the company waives its fees, are especially popular.

While it’s certainly possible that nothing will change and Bandcamp will continue as is, given how large companies usually destroy smaller ones when they buy them, in more likelihood things will change a lot. If you use Bandcamp—and thousands do, from small artists to the very big—you may want to have some alternatives in mind to jump to in case this ship goes down in spectacular, James Cameron fashion.

Here are five Bandcamp alternatives to consider.

Bandcamp Alternatives: FanCircles

If Bandcamp is an online independent record store, FanCircles is like your own personal fan club but in a custom app. Any brand can sign up but it works especially well for musicians, as you can engage directly with your fans there. Perks include video, audio, picture sharing and gated access to event tickets and merchandise.



You can create either a free or subscription-based app that your fans can download for iOS or Google. There’s also a web-based version. Current FanCircles artists include UB40, Culture Club, The Alarm and other, non-‘80s bands.

The catch? It’s expensive. Very expensive. Rates for artists start at $249. A month.

  • FanCircles homepage

Bandcamp Alternatives: Artcore

Bandcamp offers music of all genres. If you’re looking for a Bandcamp alternative with a focus on underground dance music, give Artcore a look. Positioned somewhere between Bandcamp and Beatport, Artcore offers a variety of download and streaming options for DJs and dance music fans.



Although merch is marked as “coming soon,” the site does offer services for both artists and labels, with full-length high-quality previews (something Beatport frustratingly doesn’t offer), streaming, metadata with BPM and key analysis and the ability to set your own prices.

Artcore also has a blog. It’s a simple thing but with so much new music coming out every day, expert recommendations can be helpful. Bandcamp does this extremely well. It would be a shame if the editorial side of Bandcamp were to get the axe in the handover.

  • Artcore homepage

Bandcamp Alternatives: Patreon

Wait, isn’t Patreon the site where you beg for money? Not quite and if that’s your attitude you haven’t been paying attention. Patreon began as a way for fans to support creators of all kinds by paying them directly every month. Creators offer different access tiers, providing goods and services for different amounts of moolah.



However, Patreon is also a solid place to sell digital downloads, including of course music but also video, images and other files like e-books. Patreon can’t help you if you have physical goods like T-shirts though. (For that, take a look below at Sellfy.)

If you already have a Patreon, consider making it into a digital store for your music. It can be a great way to offer exclusives such as remixes or unreleased demos that aren’t on other sites—and you’ll be in a great position to pivot to a full Patreon store should Bandcamp start pushing up daisies.

  • Patreon homepage

Bandcamp Alternatives: Sellfy

Sellfy is an online shopping platform that lets you create your own store. Storefronts are hosted on Sellfy. You can also sell from your own website with an embedded buy now button.



Sellfy makes a good Bandcamp alternative if you have digital goods to sell, such as music, videos or e-books. It also offers sales of physical goods but only on a select few items. Basically, they will create merchandise like T-shirts and mugs based on your design and take care of the shipping.

Sellfy makes a fine store but it doesn’t have the cool cache that Bandcamp does. However, if you’re looking for an easy way to sell some downloads or custom-made merch, it’s worth a look-see.

  • Sellfy homepage

Bandcamp Alternatives: Music Streaming Services

Generally, people think of Bandcamp as a store. However, it also offers a streaming service. Essentially, whatever you’ve bought, you can stream on the Bandcamp app. Since listeners are streaming anyway, why not go full-stream and post your music on a service like Spotify or Apple Music?

Apple Music

Apple Music

Getting your music onto a streamer is the tricky part and for that, you’ll need a middleman service like DistroKid or Tunecore. For a yearly fee, you can upload as much music as you want to a large number of streaming sites at the same time.

How you feel about streaming services, though, is another thing. With the extremely low royalty rates and Spotify’s ongoing shenanigans, it can feel kind of gross uploading to them. Should Bandcamp cease to exist as we know it, though, streamers may be the only game left in town.

  • DistroKid homepage
  • Tunecore homepage

Conclusion: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In conclusion, there doesn’t seem to be one single best Bandcamp alternative. This is very much a one size doesn’t fit all situation. However, by leveraging a variety of sites and services (including your own, personal site, something I haven’t mentioned), it does seem possible to continue getting your music and merch out there to your listeners.

What Bandcamp alternatives do you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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