Bastl Instruments Neo Trinity: Enter the Matrix of Modulation


bastl neotrinity 1.1.1 128x71 1Bastl Instruments Neo Trinity: Enter the Matrix of Modulation

Bastl Instruments Neo Trinity

Take the red pill and dive into the rabbit hole of Neo Trinity’s six channels of LFOs, Envelopes, recordable triggers and automatable modulation.

Neo Trinity

Neo Trinity has six channels of modulation that you can just rustle up using a single knob and a couple of buttons. You can throw a quantized sequence out of one output with a few turns, route an envelope to a filter from another output, tap in some drum triggers to run a rhythm section and still have room for an LFO or two. It’s like having the workflow of a groovebox in a very compact package.

It looks a bit dense and overly complex, but it’s surprisingly easy to navigate. I’ve spent a couple of minutes with it, and it’s already revolutionised my patch. Select a channel from A to F and choose if you want it to be an LFO, Envelope or CV generator. The main knob then becomes the LFO rate, envelope decay or voltage level, depending on your mode. To trigger the envelope hit the Trig button and then hold the Rec button if you want tap in a pattern of triggers that loop into a sequence. Hold Rec and twist the knob to draw in your own modulations and have them automate on release.

Very quickly, you can build up levels of modulation or run filters, VCAs and drum sounds from a few twists and flicks.


Under the groovy groovebox surface there are multiple LFO shapes, uni and bipolar options, envelope shapes and slew-limiting. The CV generation can be quantised into one of 8 scales for instant note sequencing. The triggers can be fleshed out with an algorithmic trigger fill generator. You can Mute each channel, sync to clock or not, save everything to one of the 6 memory banks and mess everything about with some choice CV inputs.

Bastl Instruments Neo Trinity

Bastl Instruments Neo Trinity

I’ve only begun to explore this module, but I’m already enjoying capturing loops of modulation feeding back into my rack. The module could be a way of generating a whole load of movement in a compact space. It is great for small racks but also brilliant at providing many functions for any modular. It can get a little bit crazy in there when it’s all patched up, but Neo Trinity is superbly playable, and you can have a lot of fun trying to pull off the perfect modulation loop.

Neo Trinity is available now for €290 ex VAT.

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