Best Product Videos of 2023: Promo Clips that Rocked


best product videos 2023 128x71 1Best Product Videos of 2023: Promo Clips that Rocked

Best Product Videos

Promo videos for new synths, guitar effects, or software plugins can be a dull affair. If you’re as bored by announcers reciting endless feature lists over montages of Ken Burns-ified product shots as we are, you’re going to love the clips that made our list of the best product videos of 2023! Enjoy!

Best Product Videos 2023: Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Being a synth head myself, I was only just introduced to the wondrous world of Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ promo videos when my colleagues pointed them out to me. And I couldn’t believe what I’d been missing all this time. For each new pedal release, the Oklahoma-based pedal manufacturer comes up with an even crazier idea than before. These aren’t product videos, they’re movies! I honestly think they deserve to be shown at festivals.

From the Beam Splitter distortion to their most recent endeavor, the limited-edition Dark Light, Old Blood Noise Endeavors released some of the best, most captivating, and sometimes mildly disturbing product videos we’ve seen last year. Honestly, I’d like to know the rituals and/or substances involved in creating these. Enjoy, and be sure to check out the entire playlist on YouTube – there’s so much more to discover.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors pedals are available at Thomann.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Beam Splitter Distortion
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Beam Splitter Distortion

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Available for 249.00 € at thomann

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Aclam Guitars The Mocker: Hey Macca, hand me Rocky!

AI was everywhere last year, so why not use it to create a fun product video? Instead of hiring a professional narrator to explain the outstanding features of their new Mocker fuzz pedal, Aclam Guitars made a few phone calls, and sure enough, none other than the Fab Four themselves met up in the studio to share some stories from the good old days. They even heard a well-kept secret: Apparently, Aclam only has enough New Old Stock diodes to make 200 of these excellent pedal emulations of the Vox UL730 fuzz circuit, so hurry up to claim yours! What’s this BIAS thing again?

The Mocker from Aclam Guitars is available at Thomann.

Aclam The Mocker
Aclam The Mocker

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Available for 309.00 € at thomann

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Blair Rebound: best product video pls watch

While we’re on the subject of AI, have you ever wondered what it would sound like if 2Pac and Eminem were to check out the latest and hottest Max for Live device together? Rebound is a very cool spectral effect for shaping the perfect bass and drawing unique filter shapes. And did we mention that you can use 256 volume LFOs? No wonder the two rap legends are impressed! On a side note, now we finally know that pink is Slim Shady’s favorite color for MIDI! 

Rebound is available from

Bastl Instruments Basil: Space Delay meets Animation

Basil is Bastl Instruments’ new “Space Delay” module for Eurorack. To showcase its capabilities, the Czech developer dreamed up a beautifully animated video that perfectly complements the intricate repetitions and echoes that make up the soundtrack. It’s like seeing what you’re hearing! If you’re looking for a Eurorack delay that will send your patches to another dimension, this clip will leave you no choice: It’s gotta be Basil!

Bastl Instruments Basil is available at Thomann.

Bastl Instruments Basil
Bastl Instruments Basil

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Available for 299.00 € at thomann

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Hologram Electronics Chroma Console: All Colors of Sound

One of the most exciting pedal releases of the year was accompanied by one of the best product videos. Together, the colorful images and the awesome soundtrack do a fantastic job of getting all the info across without getting on your nerves with unnecessary promo talk. All Hologram Electronics had to do was have the Chroma Console speak for itself. After five minutes, you’ll know everything you need to know about this extremely versatile multi-effect – and you’ll probably want one! In my book, that makes the clip for the Chroma Console one of the best product videos of the year. 

The Hologram Electronics Chroma Console is available for pre-order directly from the manufacturer for $399. It should arrive in February.

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