Buying your first guitar: What to get your kids


weihnachtsgeschenk gitarre 128x71 1Buying your first guitar: What to get your kids

Buying your first guitar: What to get your kids

The holiday season is just around the corner! And with it comes the annual question: what do you get the kids? Your first guitar as a holiday present could be the perfect answer. It’s not just an instrument that fills winter evenings with music. It may even be THE gift that brings a lifetime of joy.

Learning to play an instrument develops not only children’s cognitive skills but also their creativity, coordination, and focus. In this article, we look at how to choose your first guitar and the necessary accessories for your kids.

From the size of the guitar to the type of strings and the necessary accessories, we’ll ensure you’re well-informed to make the right choice. So, in the best-case scenario, playing the guitar is more than just fleeting Christmas magic for your child.

Your first guitar – what to consider

Why is the guitar such a wonderful holiday present for kids? Apart from the fact that it takes up less space than a piano and is quieter than a drum kit? It offers the whole musical world in one instrument – from Classical music to Jazz to Death Metal.

The guitar is an instrument that can help kids build their expressiveness and self-confidence. The first time they finger a chord correctly or play a song all the way through is a priceless moment of pride and self-affirmation. Your first guitar as a present is more than just a gift. It can be a key to a world where creativity, joy, and learning come together.

Your first guitar: finding the right instrument

Your first guitar - an acoustic guitar?
Your first guitar – an acoustic guitar?

Choosing the right guitar for your kid is crucial. Only a suitable instrument can ensure that the musical journey is not doomed to failure immediately. Here are some essential technical aspects you should consider:

Size and type of guitar: children need a guitar that fits their height. Guitars come in different sizes, from 1/4 to 1/2 to 3/4 models for children. A regular guitar for adults in this classification would be a 4/4, right? A guitar that is too big can quickly become frustrating and challenging to play, while one that is too tiny quickly becomes uninteresting as the child grows.

Acoustic or electric: An acoustic guitar is often the best start for children as it can be played without additional equipment. Electric guitars are cool but require an amplifier and are generally more expensive. However, if your offspring already admires Metallica and AC/DC, it is advisable to enter the world of the electric guitar. Nothing is more demotivating than not being able to play your favorite music.

Material and construction: Your first guitar doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should still be made of high-quality materials. Poor workmanship and cheap materials can affect the sound and the guitar’s playability.

Our tips for the right guitar as your first guitar

There are countless guitars for children that are suitable as presents. We have selected four models that we think are particularly suitable for children to get started and learn to play the guitar!

La Mancha Rubi CM/59

The EGTA-recommended La Mancha Rubi is a high-quality classical guitar explicitly designed for younger players or those with smaller hands. It offers comfortable playability with a scale length of 590 mm and a nut width of 50 mm. Its body is solid Canadian cedar for the top and mahogany for the back and sides, giving the guitar a warm, rich sound.

The neck is made of Toona Kalantas, and combined with an Ovangkol fingerboard, it ensures a pleasant feel and longevity. The guitar comes in an elegant matt finish. The La Mancha Rubi CM/59 is ideal for young guitar students looking for a high-quality, easy-to-play, and good-sounding guitar.

La Mancha Rubi CM/59
La Mancha Rubi CM/59

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Available for 245.00 € at thomann

Gewa Pro Natura Silver 1/2 Maple

The Gewa Pro Natura Silver 1/2 Maple is an ideal choice for young beginners in the world of classical guitar. This 1/2-size guitar is designed for children aged 6 to 9 years. It has a body made of European maple and a solid spruce top, which produce a clear and balanced sound in combination.

The neck is maple and offers pleasant playability with the Acacia fingerboard. The Pro Natura Silver is an excellent choice as your first guitar because of its tonal character and its environmentally friendly production. It combines quality, playing comfort, and sustainability, and it’s ideal for young musicians who want to start playing the guitar.

Gewa Pro Natura Silver 1/2 Maple
Gewa Pro Natura Silver 1/2 Maple

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Available for 166.00 € at thomann

Electric guitar for children – our recommendations

Equally fitting present for kids: an electric guitar
Equally fitting present for kids: an electric guitar

If the little ones aren’t in the mood for quiet holiday songs, it has got to be the electric guitar. Of course, it is also possible for children to learn to play the guitar with an electric guitar – depending on the preferred genre, it may even be essential to encourage the necessary discipline and awaken enthusiasm for the instrument.

Squier Mini Strat V2 BK IL Bundle

This Strat is a fantastic package for your first guitar. This smaller version of the legendary Fender Stratocaster, known for its iconic sound and style, is designed for children’s hands. And its poplar body and comfortable maple neck offer young players a light and handy guitar.

The Indian Laurel fingerboard with 20 medium frets ensures a pleasant playing feel. This Mini Strat includes three standard single-coil pickups that deliver a wide range of tones, from clear, melodious sounds to more powerful rock riffs. And thanks to the 578 mm scale length and a nut width of 40.6 mm, it is perfect for smaller players.

In addition to this guitar in a black finish, the bundle also includes a gig bag to carry the guitar to lessons and rehearsals.

Squier Mini Strat V2 BK IL Bundle
Squier Mini Strat V2 BK IL Bundle

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Available for 164.00 € at thomann

Ibanez GRGM21 BLT

For young musicians who want to enter the world of electric guitars, the Ibanez GRGM21 BLT is an excellent choice. This 3/4 size guitar is ideal for smaller hands and still offers the sound and quality you expect from Ibanez. With its elegant and lightweight poplar body and comfortable maple neck, it allows for easy handling and playability.

The GRGM21 BLT is characterized by its New Zealand pine fingerboard material, which, together with the Sharktooth inlays, are visually appealing and offer a smooth playing surface. It is designed for precise and agile playing with a scale length of 564 mm and 24 medium frets. The guitar is equipped with two Infinity humbucker pickups, which provide a powerful and versatile sound, ideal for various musical styles.

The bright blue design gives the guitar an eye-catching and youthful look – a pretty good choice as your first guitar! The Ibanez GRGM21 BLT is a technically impressive instrument and visually appealing to young guitarists.

Ibanez GRGM21M-BLT
Ibanez GRGM21M-BLT

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Available for 223.00 € at thomann

Christmas gift guitar: essential equipment and accessories

Your first guitar - and the right accessories
Your first guitar – and the right accessories

In addition to the guitar, some essential accessories make learning to play the guitar more accessible and more enjoyable.

Guitar bag or case

A sturdy guitar bag or case is essential to protect the guitar and simplify transportation to lessons. For children, a lightweight bag that can be carried as a backpack (“gig bag”) is often the best choice. You can find examples here at Thomann (Affiliate).


A simple, user-friendly tuner is absolutely essential! Nothing wastes motivation quicker than when chords don’t sound right, even when fingered correctly. Clip-on tuners for the headstock are an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to larger, more professional tuners. You can find examples here.


These small plastic plates used to strike the strings are available in various thicknesses. Thinner, more flexible picks are often more suitable for children. There are a variety of packs from numerous manufacturers – try out different sizes and shapes to find the one best suited. You can see examples here at Thomann (Affiliate).

Spare strings

Strings can break quite easily, especially for beginners. It is, therefore, always a good idea to have a set of spare strings ready. Be sure to test different gauges – especially at the beginning; it doesn’t matter if you change the strings regularly until you find your sweet spot! You can see examples here at Thomann (Affiliate).

Guitar stand:

A stand ensures the guitar is stored safely and permanently ready to grab. Motivational tip: Always keep your guitar visible and within easy reach. Once it’s stowed away in its case, you’ll never reach for it! You can find examples here at Thomann (Affiliate).

Harley Benton CTG-20 BK USB Clip Tuner
Harley Benton CTG-20 BK USB Clip Tuner

Customer rating:


Available for 9.90 € at thomann

Dunlop Electric Pick Variety Pack
Dunlop Electric Pick Variety Pack

Customer rating:


Available for 7.90 € at thomann

Alfred Music Publishing Gitarre Lernen Für Kinder 1
Alfred Music Publishing Gitarre Lernen Für Kinder 1

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Available for 19.95 € at thomann

The best way to learn: resources and methods

Having looked at choosing your first guitar and accessories, selecting the right educational resources and methods for young guitarists is equally essential. How children learn to play the guitar differs significantly from how we adults learn.

There are various learning resources available when learning to play the guitar, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Textbooks and sheet music are the traditional resources. They offer structured instructions and exercises but lack the interactive component. Online courses and learning apps offer interactive, often more fun learning methods and are flexible but can be less personalized and require a constant internet connection.

Private lessons offer individual guidance and direct feedback but are usually expensive and require regular appointments. Group lessons, on the other hand, encourage social interaction and motivation through collaborative learning but offer less individual attention.

The choice of the right resource should best be tailored to the child’s learning style, to your budget and availability. Motivation must always be maintained.

Our verdict on the best gift for kids

Playing the guitar opens up a world of musical possibilities and creativity for children. When choosing the right equipment, paying attention to high quality is essential. A well-crafted guitar and suitable accessories can significantly promote the desire to learn and perseverance when practicing.

At holiday time, in particular, too many pointless gifts are given that are forgotten by January. A guitar as a Christmas present is a great option. For some people, a gift of a guitar over 20 years ago is even said to have led to them still sitting at the strings every day and even writing about this great, versatile, beautiful, and inspiring instrument from time to time…


Originally published on by Jan Rotring. Translation by Julian Schmauch.

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