Elvis Hologram World Tour: Are virtual legacy acts here to stay?


ElvisEvolution 128x71 1Elvis Hologram World Tour: Are virtual legacy acts here to stay?

Elvis Hologram World Tour: Are virtual legacy acts here to stay?

A new musical experience called Elvis Evolution will bring the King of Rock ‘n Roll back from the dead – sort of. The ‘immersive experience’ starts in November 2024 in London. It will feature an Elvis hologram made from technology similar to the virtual avatars in the ABBA Voyage show. This follows a growing trend of virtual legacy acts.

What does the king smell like? The immersive experience of the Elvis hologram 

BBC reports that British entertainment company Layered Reality – experts in immersive experiences – has recently secured the global rights for Elvis Evolution. The Elvis hologram for the show was created from thousands of “personal photos and home-video footage”. Furthermore, Layered Reality (LR) have already created highly successful immersive experiences in London, like Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds or The Gunpowder Plot.

Elvis Hologram is welcomed be Elvis Presley Enterprises

Elvis Hologram is welcomed be Elvis Presley Enterprises

BBC quotes them saying that Elvis Evolution will be a “jaw-dropping concert experience.” In addition, they go on to say that “a life-sized digital Elvis will perform iconic moments in musical history on a UK stage for the first time.” The show in development is said to “allow people to step into the world of Elvis and walk in his shoes.”

It will be interesting to see (and hear, and smell, and feel, and taste) what the experience of “multi-sensory effects” around the Elvis hologram in the upcoming show will be like. While Elvis Evolution is set to start in London in November 2024, versions of it will be performed in Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Berlin further down the line.

From Tupac to Abba to KISS – Who is next on the virtual legacy front?

The Elvis hologram follows a recent trend that first made waves with the holographic performance of US rapper Tupac at Coachella in 2012. And in 2022, Swedish pop titans ABBA announced “ABBA Vocage.” But instead of performing the show themselves, virtual avatars of Agnetha, Bjoern, Benny, and Ani-Frid perform the show.

According to recent reports, the show has been a huge success, boosting London’s economy by over 320 Million GBP since its start in May 2022. Following in its footsteps, Rock Legends KISS announced at their farewell concert that they have collaborated with the same company that created the ABBA avatars. Gene Simmons and the other three band members have created their own holographic performers that can forever tour the world.

ABBA Voyage Show

ABBA Voyage Show

So, the question is: who is next in the virtual legacy trend? There are more obvious choices like Prince, Michael Jackson, or Amy Winehouse. But given that the members of ABBA and KISS are still alive, this could also become the choice of other aging Rock and Pop stars. Who do you think will follow this trend? What band or artist will be next? An Elvis hologram performing together with The Rolling Stones? Let us know in the comments!

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