Gibson Amplifiers back in 2024 – Are Mesa Boogie team involved?


Gibson Amplifiers 128x71 1Gibson Amplifiers back in 2024 – Are Mesa Boogie team involved?

Gibson Amplifiers

Gibson Amplifiers are back for 2024. The brand has just opened a new site page entitled Ready for Flight. There users can register their interest in the new amplifier range. And it looks like Randall Smith and his Mesa Boogie team could be involved.

Gibson Amplifiers

Gibson Amplifiers is making a return in 2024, as hinted by CEO Cesar Gueikian back in 2021. The new launch page entitled Ready for Flight allows anyone to register their interest in this latest venture. I would say it looks as though the 1960s Gibson Falcon 20 is the model being teased.

At this time I can just make out the name and a few controls in the darkened image.

Gibson Amplifiers Falcon 20

1960s Falcon 20

The Falcon 20 looks to be based on the original Gibson Falcon (GA-19RVT).  The original was a 14-watt combo amp. It was first introduced back in 1961 and then discontinued in the late ’60s. The amp was tube-driven and had some pretty odd specifications. Those original tubes included a set of 6V6 power tubes, a trio of 6EU7 preamp tubes, and a 7199 tube for the built-in reverb. It came with a 12″ Jenson speaker as standard.

New Tubes?

I guess that Gibson will have to change the specifications. Because 6EU7 and 7199 tubes are not common. Production of old tubes could be a very expensive venture. Again, I am not convinced that Gibson would use the originals for a modern-day release.

Gibson Falcon 20

Mesa Boogie

We know that Gibson purchased Mesa Boogie and therefore we can assume that Randall Smith and his amp team will be behind this new Gibson Amplifier series. Especially, as they named Smith their  “Master Designer” at the time.

Gibson buys Mesa:Boogie. Cesar Gueikian, Randy Smith and James “JC” Curleigh

What could we see?

Currently, at the time of writing, I can only see a cream Tolex finish and the Falcon 20 logo.  Along with an adjustable attenuation control which is marked Full, Half, and Low. Plus a mysterious Frequency dial, which could be just EQ or more likely Tremolo.

I will hazard a guess that no original 1960s Falcon 20 models have attenuation for the output. Certainly, I would say that this new 2024 Falcon 20 model must at least be inspired by those original ’60s models. However, they may not be exact copies of the original circuits.

We will update you with more information, as and when it becomes available, so watch this space.

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