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This week on Guitar Gear Gems we check out the new RJM Music Full English overdrive pedal that combines six drives in one pedal. Then we check out the new JAM Pedals Octaurus ltd octave fuzz pedal. Finally, we take a look at the new TS808-TMv.2 which could be the ultimate Tubescreamer.

RJM Music Full English

RJM Music’s Full English is designed to squeeze six overdrives into one pedal. Each drive is based on a very British, Marshall-style drive tone. The six overdrive modes include RJM Music’s take on some very well-known ’90s overdrive pedals from the Marshall lineup, which were just reissued earlier this year.

Each overdrive is an analog circuit designed to capture that Marshall tone as an amp-in-a-box. Making this pedal great for anyone who needs six Marshall drives.

  • Push – This mode is a clean boost that’s designed to push the front end of an amp. It has a high maximum output level.
  • Blues – Inspired by a British low to medium gain pedal from the ’90s that’s gained in popularity over the years.
  • Royal – Based on a very popular boutique modification of the “Blues” pedal above, it has a slightly different frequency response and overdrive characteristic.
  • Imperial – A higher gain version of Royal, using hard clipping instead of soft clipping.
  • Shred – A high gain, compressed distortion mode designed for soloing. Great for 80’s shred and beyond!
  • Stack – A big-sounding distortion mode, more open and dynamic than Shred, designed to sound like a high-gain amp.

RJM Music Full English


The user can then tweak the Gain, Tone, Volume, Bass, Mid, and Treble controls to taste. The pedal has 8 presets available, with a further 100 presets accessible via MIDI. It has full-sized MIDI in and out ports along with a USB-C port. They also have an app for Windows, Mac, and iPad users, that allows them to control/edit the pedal.

It Full English pedal is available in either a blue or a black finish.

MSRP – USD 349

  • RJM Music

JAM Pedals Octaurus ltd

The JAM Pedals Octaurus ltd is a limited-run octave fuzz pedal. It is housed in an olive drab suede cover with a zip on the bottom of the pedal. The Octaurus has switchable clipping options with asymmetrical or symmetrical clipping via a toggle switch. Another switch operates the mid-scooped and full voicing options, so it has some useful tweaks available.

It uses turret-based, point-to-point wiring and the inside of the pedal looks immaculate. This is a high-end boutique build and should last a lifetime.



This pedal also uses 60s NOS silicon transistors and a fairly simple control layout that consists of Level, Tone, and Gain. It is a great-sounding octave fuzz and certainly one that fuzz pedal lovers will enjoy. As it is a limited run and uses NOS parts, the price is fairly high so possibly one for collectors as well. The first batch has already sold out and the second batch of pedals is due in February 2024.

MSRP – USD 419

  • Product Page
  • More JAM Pedals news


The TS808-TMv.2 is the latest incarnation of the TS808 pedal and was designed by Tubescreamer’s original designer, Susumu Tamura.  This is the second of the Tamura-modded series and it offers a distinctive blend of “more hair” and a “bottom-heavy thump”.

This is the latest release by Godlyke and retains the “magic” IC chip, a hallmark of the original, which is then complemented by NOS Toshiba 1S1588 clipping diodes for what they describe as a unique sonic profile.

Godlyke TS808

Gold Plate

The pedal also features an ultra-bright gold status LED and a Tamura-Mod gold anodized aluminum faceplate. That way owners will know they have something other than a regular Ibanez TS808 on their pedal board. Plus, it uses a Carling SPST plunger footswitch, differentiating it from the standard square switches.

They have an introductory price of $299 for the first 50 units. After that initial batch of sales, the price will rise to $349.

  • Product Page

A regular Ibanez TS808 is more affordable and probably more than enough for most guitarists.

Ibanez TS808
Ibanez TS808

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Available for 209.00 € at thomann

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