Intro (Mohbad) Lyrics by Tml Vibez


Timileyin EP Cover 1
Intro (Mohbad) Lyrics by Tml Vibez

Tml Vibez Lyrics

Tml VibezIntro song on his newly released debut EP, Timileyin, also serves as a tribute to the late Nigerian artist Mohbad, check out the song’s lyrics below.

Cover for TML Vibez Timileyin EP
Timileyin EP Cover

Tml Vibez – Intro Lyrics

Oye, oye, oye
Oya ye, mazara ba mayebo
Oye, oye, oye
Mmm-mm, mm
Oya ye, mazara ba mayebo

Sing good, but you used to the other one
Just started oh, I′m a kid from the most high God
Me, I just carry my cross with smile
Though, I like it when nothing tomorrow
Come take my pains, walahi-i
Sorry, I no dey here
I never miss a day
Prepared for the pepper
Pawon boy, me I go bending

Yeah-yeah, uh-uh-yuh
Uh-uh-mm, yeah
Nigga, mo bi, b’oshe ma reason mi
′Cause I’m gonna shock una t’oba di season mi
Forgive me, Baba, I′ll keep sinning ni
Till I go lap for your side, I’ll keep singing ni

Ma gbem′-gbem’ gbewon de′be
If dem no do normal, mo ma jawon si’le, mm
(jawon si′, jawon si’, jawon si’)
Gbem′-gbem′ gbewon de’be
If dem no do normal, mo ma jawon si′le, mm-uh
(jawon si’, jawon si′)

Aunty, whenever-ah
I promise to be your soldier man till it over
Hey nigga, they do e ni ika
I know who to call, mari brother, mari nigga
Mm, Mohbad (Mohbad)
Imole (uh-uh)
Mm, Mohbad
Mama (mama)
No, mo bad gan, mm-mm-mm
Ah, Mohbad

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