Mixtape Memories Reborn: FiiO CP13 Brings the Walkman Vibe into 2024!


fiio cp13 walkman 128x71 1Mixtape Memories Reborn: FiiO CP13 Brings the Walkman Vibe into 2024!

Mixtape Memories Reborn: FiiO CP13 Brings the Walkman Vibe into 2024!

Ah, the days of mixtapes, one-track recordings, and the first time you went for a run and took the music with you! Sony’s Walkman was genuinely revolutionary in the early Eighties. And since we all can’t seem to stop that giant nostalgia wave, here comes a new but very retro Walkman-like device: the FiiO CP13! It lacks features from the original; it does not offer any way to record audio or digitize tapes – but you get to play your old mixtapes. Let’s take a look. 

Sony Walkman – Portable audio legend

When the Sony TPS-L2 came out in 1979, it became a giant hit. For the first time, walking around with your favorite songs did not require a giant boombox that angered the neighbors, ate batteries like candy, and was too heavy. Sony wasn’t the first company to introduce a portable cassette player, but they made the right choices.

The original Sony Walkman

The original Sony Walkman


One of the best features of the original Sony Walkman was the two headphone jacks. So, you could listen to your favorite mixtape with your friend! Walking around with headphones very soon changed from being very unusual to the norm.

The company has been updating its Walkman line in recent years, with two audiophile models in 2022 and another one with integrated storage and a touchscreen in 2023 with no way to play cassette tapes. The FiiO CP13 returns to the OG Walkman.

Sony Walkman WM1AM2

Sony Walkman NW-WM1AM2 Front View

FiiO CP13: Cassette Player with a very retro flair

To be fair, the FiiO CP13 looks pretty damn nice. And it plays cassette tapes. In addition, it offers a Li-ion battery with 15 hours of playtime that you can charge through the USB-C port. Like the original Sony Walkman, the CP13 has an aluminum casing and a silver-blue finish.

The black-and-white edition of the FiiO CP13

The black-and-white edition of the FiiO CP13

In terms of usability, it offers rather big playback buttons, a 3.5mm headphone port, and a volume knob. It also mentions “Auto-reverse” on the case, which just means that a tape is automatically rewound once its end is reached.

But when it comes to more contemporary features, this CP13 is rather old-school: no Bluetooth connectivity, no way to digitize tapes to MP3s, and no internal storage. But FiiO might be on to something, as cassette sales have been rising almost as much as Vinyl sales in recent years.

What does the FiiO CP13 cost, and when is it available?

The FiiO CP13 will be available in March 2024. FiiO says the price will be £129 (around $160 or €150). This puts it at a much lower price compared to the $400+ range of Sony’s current Walkman line (that can’t play cassettes!).

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