NUX B-8 Wireless System – Feature packed with Boost and more


NUX B 8 Wireless 128x71 1NUX B-8 Wireless System – Feature packed with Boost and more

NUX B-8 Wireless System

The NUX B-8 Wireless System packs a whole heap of useful features into one compact pedal unit. These include a tuner, boost pedal, FX loop, and DI box. Along with support for uploading GIFs.

NUX B-8 

The NUX B-8 Wireless System offers an interference-free 2.4 GHz connection running at  24-bit and 48 kHz and a range of up to 50 meters. This should make for a nice clear signal, though they have a cable simulator built-in if you need to knock some of the high-end off. It also offers a nice low signal transmitting latency of just 2.5ms at peak. This has six modes and users can choose a more stable signal with a slightly longer latency if need be.

It also provides a nice quick connection with a unique pairing algorithm making setup simple and hassle-free. It has a nice big colour screen at the heart of the system for easy navigation and this can also be customised (more about that later).

NUX B-8 

Battery Life

The system uses a Li-ion battery, boasting up to 6.5 hours of battery life. The system allows simple recharging by docking the TX unit onto the RX unit. This is nice and convenient and so makes the package easy to operate. A USB-C port is included that can also be used to charge the unit.

NUX B-8 Tuner

Boost and Tune

It also provides a built-in booster (+12dB) and a digital tuner that has settings for Chromatic, Guitar Standard, Guitar Compensated, and Bass tuning. Plus, users can use the built-in Send and Return loop to integrate pedals into the signal chain as required. Furthermore, there is a useful D.I. Box function with an output on XLR that can go straight to a mixer.

They include a Ground Lift switch to make this a viable option for any situation.

NUX B-8 battery 6.5 hours

Custom GIF Support

Similar to the recent Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner, this NUX can also import GIFs allowing users to customise the startup screen. These can be uploaded using the B-8 GIF Customize software provided by NUX via the USB-C port.

Price and Availability

This new product has an official price point of USD 349 and is coming out in January 2024. With all these useful features, it could be a great solution for many musicians playing live.

More Information

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