Outersect Modeler: Trippy Acoustic Modelling born at Burning Man


outersect modeler 128x71 1Outersect Modeler: Trippy Acoustic Modelling born at Burning Man

Outersect Modeler

Outersect Modeler emerged from classical musician and coder Rob Rayle’s experience at the Burning Man festival. Was it the drugs or something more transcendental?

Outersect Modeler

Without a doubt, software instruments could do with an injection of inspiration. Modeler is a passion project for Rob Rayle (aka Outersect), and the inspiration is evident in the life that pours out of it. Rob’s weapon of choice is the keytar, and Modeler aims to provide a slew of acoustic and electro-acoustic sounds that maximise the performance potential of that interaction. Check out this video, and you’ll get it immediately.

It’s 100% spacey, trippy, otherworldly and yet routed in natural and organic character. If you’re old like me, then this feels like Ozric Tentacles in a plugin.

So what’s it all about?

Modeler builds sound with acoustic or physical modelling. It takes modelled elements such as bowing and plucking strings, and blowing reeds and brass and couples them with harmonic responses. It incorporates electric guitar-style feedback, overblown growls and string resonance and then buries it in synthesized processes. You have a lot of control over filtering and EQ over the sound before plunging into stereo effects.

Everything is available on a single page. You have multiple controls over things like the Resonator, Pick, Bow, Reed, Brass and Growl. All these things can be rolled together into the sound design, so you don’t have to choose the sort of instrument you want to build.

The modulation engine is very powerful. Everything is modulatable and can be tied into MIDI control. You have individual links from source to destination, or you can use the Meta engine to combine MIDI data and route to numerous destinations. It all results in some pretty nuanced performance control, although there’s no mention of MPE support.


Outersect Modeler is being looked after by Tracktion, the company behind Waveform and a lot of other fascinating and esoteric software instruments. Modeler fits right into all that.

Modeler is available for macOS and Windows at an introductory price of $90.30 and you can use it for free on a 7-day trial. So, download it and check out some of those amazingly out-there sounds.

  • Outersect website.
  • More from Tracktion.

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