Slay To Pay Beer Vending Machine for Guitarists


Slay To Pay A Unique Beer Vending Machine for Guitarists 128x71 1Slay To Pay Beer Vending Machine for Guitarists

Slay To Pay Beer Vending Machine for Guitarists

Slay To Pay is a beer vending machine for guitarists designed by Wellington’s Panhead Custom Ales Brewery. Time to dust off your favourite riffs and earn a cold one!

Slay To Pay

New Zealand’s capital Wellington, is the home of Slay To Pay a new beer vending machine aimed at guitarists who can riff with the best of them.  Panhead Custom Ales Brewery has unveiled the innovative beer vending machine which offers the player beer in exchange for their electric guitar skills. Panhead Custom Ales’ Slay To Pay system comes fitted with a customised Epiphone Explorer.

Epiphone Explorer Ebony
Epiphone Explorer Ebony

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Available for 639.00 € at thomann

AI meets Guitar Hero

The cold beer dispensing vending machine uses an AI system that will assess a user’s skills. Those who impress the machine’s AI with their guitar chops are rewarded with a cold can of Panhead’s finest beer. Rebecca Sinclair, head of Brand at Panhead Custom Ales, likens it to “a souped-up Guitar Hero for adults.”


If you check out the brewery’s Instagram page it showcases clips of successful guitarists enjoying their well-earned beers.

Heavy Riffs = Beer

The Slay To Pay machine has taken a break over the Christmas period, though it will return in 2024, giving guitarists and beer lovers a good reason to visit Wellington.

Slay To Pay Beer Vending Machine for Guitarists

The machine appears to prefer heavier styles of music so you have a while to practice all your metal and rock riffs before attempting to impress the AI. Therefore, you may want to focus on bands like Metallica if you are considering learning some new material to impress it.

More Information

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