Studio Deals from Focal, Slate Digital, Drawmer and Universal Audio


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Studio Deals from Focal, Slate Digital, Drawmer and Universal Audio

In this week’s edition of Studio Deals, you’ll find some great offers on recording gear ranging from modeling mics and audio interfaces to studio monitors and more.

Studio Deals

With some serious discounts currently available, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Let’s take a closer look at the deals currently available:

Universal Audio Volt 476

The Univeral Audio Volt 476 is a versatile USB-C desktop audio interface with 24-bit 192 kHz recording capabilities and a range of useful features for tracking instruments in your home studio.

With the pair of mic preamps, you have vintage mode for additional character and colouration as well as an 1176-style compressor to shape the peaks of your input signal.

In addition, the 476 includes licenses for Ableton Live Lite, and Celemony Melodyne Essential, and until December 31 you’ll also get the Essentials Edition Bundle free with your purchase.

  • Save 25% on the Univeral Audio Volt 476 now at $264

Universal Audio Volt 476

Universal Audio Volt 476
Universal Audio Volt 476

Available for $264 at thomann

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Golden Age Project PRE-73 MKIV

Many experienced engineers and producers say that every studio should have a 1073 preamp, and the PRE-73 MKIV improves your studio’s front-end in classic style with an affordable price tag.

The PRE-73 MKIV provides an XLR combo input with an insert point, as well as a DI input conveniently positioned on the front panel. Meanwhile, you can adjust the input gain with 80 dB of range and the output level.

In addition, there are useful switches for adding a high-pass filter at 80 or 200 Hz, introducing the AIR EQ band, output pad, and polarity reversal.

  • Get 10% off the Golden Age Project PRE-73 MKIV now at $319

Golden Age Project PRE-73 MKIV

golden age audio project pre 73 mkiv widget
Golden Age Project PRE-73 MKIV

Available for $319 at

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Slate Digital ML-1

The Slate Digital ML-1 is a large-diaphragm modeling condenser microphone designed to be the center of the Slate Virtual Microphone System. Whether you use your own preamp or a Slate preamp/interface you have access to a range of 8 classic mics.

These include emulations of classic mics such as the SM7, U47, U67, C-800G, C12, and the M 251E. What’s more, you can broaden your library of virtual mics with the Slate Digital Expansion Packs.

The imbued mic modeling characteristics can even be adjusted after recording, and the package also includes the Classic Tubes and Virtual Preamp Collection.

  • Get 40% off the Slate Digital ML-1 now at $475

Slate VMS ML1 featured

slate digital ml 1 widget
Slate Digital ML-1

Available for $476 at

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Focal Shape 65

Perfect for smaller listening environments, the Focal Shape 65 is designed without a rear bass port, so you can place them close to a wall if necessary, which is convenient for home studio use.

The 105-Watt Class AB powered speaker system consists of a 6.5-inch flax cone and a 1-inch aluminium-magnesium tweeter, as well as the twin 6.5-inch passive membranes on either side of the cabinet.

These passive radiators extend the low-end response while making speaker placement in non-treated acoustic spaces far easier. The Shape 65 is also equipped with room EQ to optimize the frequency range for your specific room.

  • Save 35% on the Focal Shape 65 now at $567

*Note that the price listed is per unit

focal shape 65

focal shape 65 widget
Focal Shape 65

Available for $567 at

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Drawmer 1974

The Drawmer 1974 is a stereo 4-band parametric EQ with a classic sound, a perfect tool for doing corrective processing or sweetening on your drums, vocals, guitars, and mix bus.

While each of the 4 variable bands give you the option to cut or boost, the high and low bands have different slope options and the mid bands have variable Q functionality for more precision.

There are also variable high and low cut filters to shape and isolate the range of the sound you’re working with, which is useful in tracking, mixing, and even mastering applications when used in parallel.

  • Get 25% off the Drawmer 1974 now at $911

Drawmer 1974

drawmer 1974 widget
Drawmer 1974

Available for $911 at

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*Note: percentage discounts may vary according to your region and currency conversion rates on the day of purchase. Displayed percentage discounts are guidelines only.

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