Studio Deals from Neumann, Zoom, RODE, and Wes Audio


studio deals 23 12 2023 128x71 1Studio Deals from Neumann, Zoom, RODE, and Wes Audio

Studio Deals from Neumann, Zoom, RODE, and Wes Audio

In this week’s festive edition of Studio Deals, we’ve selected some exciting offers ranging from podcasting mics to professional studio monitors and processing tools.

Studio Deals

Now is the perfect time to dust off that home studio and outfit it with some key upgrades. Let’s take a closer look at the offers currently available:

RODE ProCaster

The RODE ProCaster is an affordable dynamic broadcast-style microphone perfect for streaming, content creation, and podcasting. However, it’s also great for vocal recording and will do nicely on amp cabinets too.

With a more localized pickup pattern, low-output dynamic mics like the ProCaster are perfect for recording in untreated spaces as you’ll capture less of the harsh reflectivity than condensers.

The only drawback is that you will require a gain booster, as the average audio interface preamps usually don’t provide enough discrete gain without adding noise to your recorded signal.

  • Get 40% off the RODE ProCaster now at $141

RODE ProCaster

rode procaster widget
RODE ProCaster

Available for $141 at

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Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core

Equipped with 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC), the Zen Go Synergy Core is a 4 in/8 out 24-bit 192 kHz USB interface with discrete mic preamps and expansion via S/PDIF.

What’s more, the Synergy Core provides real-time DSP processing for the Antelope Audio effects plug-ins. This takes some of the load off your CPU, so you can run more native plug-ins in your DAW.

Until December 31, you’ll get 93 Real-Time Synergy Core Effects and the GForce impOSCar2 software synthesizer included with your purchase, so don’t miss out!

  • Save 25% on the Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core now at $369

Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core

antelope zen go widget
Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core

Available for $369 at

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Zoom LiveTrak L-12

The Zoom LiveTrak L-12 combines a versatile 12-channel mixer with digital effects, a 24-bit 48 kHz audio interface, and a 24-bit 96 kHz SD card recorder.

Each channel has its own processing configuration with custom channel strip settings and a choice of 16 send effects including hall, room, plate, church, spring, drum ambience, and gated reverb, as well as digital, analogue, and ping-pong delays.

in addition, you can record in a DAW and onto an SD card simultaneously and there are five headphone outputs. This makes it easy to produce a podcast and record an entire live band while live streaming.

  • Save 10% on the Zoom LiveTrak L-12 now at $515

Zoom LiveTrak L-12

zoom livetrak l 12 widget
Zoom LiveTrak L-12

Available for $515 at

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Wes Audio

Polish manufacturer Wes Audio has an excellent reputation for reinventing classic studio gear and bringing it into modern studio workflows with digital technology.

Vintage analogue gear has always sounded incredible but without automation or digital recall there are times it can be of limited use in a DAW-based recording, mixing, or mastering setup.

Wes Audio has solved this problem in the form of its Next Generation series rackmount gear and 500-series modules, so you can get the best of both worlds with 100% pristine analogue signal path.

  • Get 30% off Wes Audio until January 6

Wes Audio

wes audio rhea widget
Wes Audio RHEA

Available for $1,055 at

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Neumann KH 310

The Neumann KH 310 is a premium 3-way near-field monitor widely used throughout the industry. Renowned for its unforgiving transparency, accurate stereo imaging, and excellent transient response the KH 310 provides a perfect platform for mixing.

The tri-amplified design uses an 8.25-inch woofer (210 W), a 3-inch midrange driver (90 W), and a 1-inch tweeter. Overall, this configuration delivers a precise and analytical listening experience, especially in the midrange.

Meanwhile, the KH 310 also offers acoustic optimization via DSP. You have the manual controls on the rear panel, and the optional MA 1 measurement mic which works with the Automatic Alignment software.

  • Get 30% off the Neuman KH 310 now at $1,699

*Please note that the pricing listed is per unit

Neumann KH 310

neumann kh 310 left widget
Neumann KH 310 Left

Available for $1,699 at

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neumann kh 310 right widget
Neumann KH 310 Right

Available for $1,699 at

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