Synth Deals from Elektron, Klavis, and Modal Electronics


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Synth Deals from Elektron, Klavis, and Modal Electronics

In this week’s festive edition of Synth Deals, we’ve got a mighty impressive selection of offers ranging from modules to keyboards both analogue and digital.

Synth Deals

If you’ve been biding your time and waiting for the right moment to grab a new synth for your setup, this is it! Let’s take a closer look at the offers currently available:

Behringer Kobol Expander

The Behringer Kobol Expander is a recreation of the rare French monosynth expander unit from the late 1970s in desktop module format. With its dual-oscillator semi-modular architecture, you can create a wide range of sounds.

Each tuneable oscillator gives you seven waveform shapes to choose from, and you have a VCO 2 Beat control as well as sync to determine the way the oscillators interact.

Equipped with MIDI and USB connectivity, as well as CV I/O adjacent to all the parameters, the Kobol Expander becomes a versatile instrument for your setup with a vintage sound.

  • Save 10% on the Behringer Kobol Expander now at $183

Behringer Kobol Expander

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Behringer Kobol Expander

Available for $183 at

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Klavis Grainity

The Klavis Grainity is a unique 10 HP digitally-controlled analogue filter module. With two filter sections, it allows you to separately process signals with the granular filter and the multimode filter, each with individual outputs.

What’s more, there’s an additional output that gives you a mix of both filter sections. The Grainity’s sonic scope is vast, with the ability to simultaneously create harmonies, flanging, subharmonics, formant filtering, and unison effects.

The controls and extensive CV I/O provide an amazing platform for creating completely new sounds from very little. In addition, the Firmware can be updated, so there could be additional features added in the future.

  • Get 15% off the Klavis Grainity now at $275

Klavis Grainity

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Klavis Grainity

Available for $275 at

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Modal Electronics

Whether you’re new to synthesizers or an experienced sound designer, Modal Electronics synthesizers provide an intuitive way to build a wide variety of sounds to incorporate into your music.

There are two basic ranges: the Cobalt virtual analogue series, and the Argon wavetable series. What’s more, each series comes in different shapes and sizes ranging from desktop modules and compact keyboards to full 61-key synthesizers.

This means there is something to suit everyone. So if you need something compact and portable or you have space for another keyboard in your studio, the choice is yours.

  • Save up to 35% on all Modal Electronics synthesizers

Modal Cobalt Series

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Modal Argon8M

Available for $439 at

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Elektron Syntakt E25 Remix Edition

The Remix Edition is a 25th-anniversary limited version of the Elektron Syntakt. This 12-track groovebox offers a range of sequencing and sound creation features, linking easily with your DAW via Overbridge or other instruments in your setup,

The Syntakt has eight digital tracks with a range of 11 sound-generating machines, two filters, overdrive, and two LFOs. Meanwhile, there are three analogue drum tracks with a choice of 15 machines, a multimode filter, and two LFOs.

In addition, you have an analogue cymbal track with 12 machines and the same sound-shaping options. With all this combined with the sequencer and effects, the Syntakt is a formidable creative instrument.

  • Save 10% on the Elektron Syntakt E25 Remix Edition now at $1,009

Elektron Syntakt E25 Remix Edition

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Elektron Syntakt E25 Remix Edition

Available for $1,009 at

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Elektron Analog RYTM MKII

Easily one of the most advanced drum machines currently available, the Elektron Analog RYTM has 8 flexible drum voices, each with its own individual output.

Moreover, with each voice, you have analogue sound generation, digital sample playback, a multimode analogue filter, an analogue overdrive circuit, as well as filter and amplification envelopes, and an LFO.

As Elektron has a rich heritage of drum machines with incredible sound design capabilities, these are features you’d expect in an instrument in this price range. However, it’s also the sequencer that makes it a truly inspiring experience to use.

  • Get 12% off the Elektron Analog RYTM MKII now at $1,589

Elektron Analog RYTM MKII

15610065 800
Elektron Analog RYTM

Available for $1,589 at

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