Synth Deals from Expressive E, Elektron, Arturia, and Polyend


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Synth Deals from Expressive E, Elektron, Arturia, and Polyend

We get the year started with an array of Synth Deals ranging from grooveboxes, hybrid synths, and useful Eurorack modules for your setup.

Synth Deals

Looking for the missing piece in your dawless music setup? This is the perfect opportunity to save on some exciting instruments. Let’s take a closer look at the offers currently available:

Elektron Model:Cycles

The Elektron Model:Cycles is a 6-track FM groovebox and sound creation machine with Kick, Snare, Metal, Perc, Tone, and Chord engines. When you select the type of sound you’re creating, you have four controls to manipulate it: colour, shape, sweep, and contour.

In addition, the 6 audio tracks also function as MIDI tracks, so you can sequence other instruments. The sequencer itself is intuitive and allows step input, with the capacity to store 96 projects with up to 96 patterns per project.

Moreover, there is also built-in reverb and delay so you can add some extra expression and dimensionality to your sounds without needing external processors.

  • Get 15% off the Elektron Model:Cycles now at $300
Elektron Model:Cycles
Elektron Model:Cycles
Elektron Model:Cycles

Available for $300 at thomann

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Polyend Play and Play+

With the Polyend Play and Play+ you get some exciting creative solutions for making beats without a DAW. Both units provide 8 audio tracks for playing back recorded and imported audio, along with 8 MIDI tracks for sequencing the onboard synth engines or external instruments.

Sequencing operations are focussed within the 8 x 16 LED button grid and the performance mode gives you real-time and punch-in effects. What’s more, the sequencer can store up to 128 patterns per project.

The main difference between the two models is the four synth engines in the Play+. With these, you have a powerful platform for creating new sounds, while still having the onboard library of 3000 samples.

  • Save 10% on the Polyend Play now at $456
  • Get nearly 10% off Polyend Play+ now at $733
Polyend Play+
Polyend Play
Polyend Play

Available for $456 at thomann

Polyend Play+
Polyend Play+

Available for $733 at thomann

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Nano Modules Performance Mixer

Once your Eurorack system reaches critical mass, it’s time to add a mixer module like the Nano Modules Performance Mixer. With this 28 HP mixer, you have 2 mono and 2 stereo channels with aux sends as well as cue and headphones output.

What’s more, each channel has a set of CV inputs that allow you to modulate different parameters like the volume, pan/balance, and aux send amount. This provides a creative platform for signal management within your Eurorack synth rig.

In addition, there’s a built-in CV looper, so you can record volume automation for each channel. This is incredibly useful for giving your compositions a more finished feel.

  • Save over 15% on the Nano Modules Performance Mixer now at $529
Nano Performance MIXER
Nano Modules Performance Mixer
Nano Modules Performance Mixer

Available for $529 at thomann

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Arturia MicroFreak and MiniFreak

Although they are different in many ways, the Arturia MicroFreak and MiniFreak present the same approach with performance-orientated hybrid synthesis.

The digital oscillators have different modes to choose from, including Karplus Strong, Harmonic OSC, Superwave, and Texturer. Meanwhile, both the MicroFreak and MiniFreak feature analogue multimode filters with versatile sound-shaping capabilities.

In addition, there are step sequencers with automation tracks and extensive effects sections for adding colour and depth to your sounds. Whichever one you choose, it’s likely to work well in tandem with other synths and drum machines both in studio or on stage.

  • Get 15% off the Arturia MicroFreak now at $299
  • Save 15% on the Arturia MiniFreak now at $515
Arturia MiniFreak
Arturia MicroFreak
Arturia MicroFreak

Available for $299 at thomann

Arturia MiniFreak
Arturia MiniFreak

Available for $515 at thomann

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Expressive E Osmose

If you’re looking to approach synthesis from a performance perspective, the Expressive E Osmose is a 24-voice polysynth with a unique keyboard that allows you to alter the velocity, aftertouch, and pitch with each key.

With the Haken Audio EaganMatrix Sound Engine, you get five oscillators, five multimode filters, five envelopes, two filter banks, and the capabilities to work with physical modelling, FM, subtractive and additive synthesis.

In addition, the Osmose also has a built-in effects section and functions as a controller with an MPE MIDI operating mode. No matter how you use it in your setup, the Osmose is bound to produce some interesting results.

  • Get nearly 10% off the Expressive E Osmose now at $1,655
Expressive E Osmose
Expressive E Osmose
Expressive E Osmose

Available for $1,655 at thomann

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