The Best Microphones of 2023: A Year of Recording Innovation


best microphones 2023 1 128x71 1The Best Microphones of 2023: A Year of Recording Innovation

best microphones 2023 1 128x71 1

Planning to do some recording? You’ll want to check out our list of the best microphones of 2023. There have been some interesting innovations this year, so let’s take a look at which mics made the cut.

We’ve seen a rise in mic modeling technology, but sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to design a reliable recording tool. In some instances, a classic microphone design with a few tweaks here and there becomes an icon all over again.

The Best Microphones of 2023

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest developments over the course of this year, now’s the perfect opportunity to find out what you’ve missed. Without further adieu, let’s check out the best of the mics released in 2023:

RODE NT1 5th Gen

This has been a big year for RODE, and the NT1 5th Gen is a testament to the company that always stays on top of market trends while offering good quality affordable recording solutions.

RODE has also solidified itself as one of the market leaders in the content creator space. So it makes sense that they would redesign one of their most popular microphones for new workflows.

Now with both XLR and USB-C connectors, the NT1 5th Gen offers 32-bit 192 kHz recording with onboard DSP effects like a high-pass filter, a noise gate, and compression.

Rode NT1 Gen 5

Rode NT1 5th Generation Black
Rode NT1 5th Generation Black

Customer rating:


Available for 249.00 € at thomann

Rode NT1 5th Generation Silver
Rode NT1 5th Generation Silver

Customer rating:


Available for 257.00 € at thomann

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Shure SM7 dB

The Shure SM7 dB is a reimagined classic, with convenient new features that compensate for any shortcomings within the design of the SM7B. As a low-output microphone, its predecessor always required a little extra juice going in.

Fortunately, with the newly integrated preamp the SM7 dB offers multiple gain settings including +18 dB, +28 dB, and bypass. This makes this industry-standard creator mic more versatile than ever, as you can go directly into the average audio interface without an additional gain-boosting device.

Overall, the beauty of the SM7 dB design is that it still retains the same sonic quality and features like the familiar low-end roll-off and midrange boost switches.

The Classic Reimagined: Meet the Shure SM7dB

Shure SM 7 dB
Shure SM 7 dB

Customer rating:


Available for 589.00 € at thomann

Chandler Limited TG Microphone Type L

Chandler Limited is renowned for building high-end recording gear, including modern recreations of iconic pieces from the legendary EMI Studios. With the recording industry downscaling, however, it’s not surprising to find a mic like the TG Microphone Type L in a more affordable price bracket.

Equipped with a dual-tone system, the Type L allows you to choose between the basic TG voicing with slightly pronounced mids, or a clean and pristine setting more akin to the characteristics of a FET47.

Overall, the Type L has been designed as a studio workhorse that takes your home recording setup to a new level, with depth and character to boot.

Introducing the Chandler TG Microphone Type L

Chandler Limited TG Microphone Type L
Chandler Limited TG Microphone Type L

No customer rating available yet

Available for 999.00 € at thomann

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Teenage Engineering CM-15

It may never be referred to as a studio workhorse, but the Teenage Engineering CM-15 does offer studio-quality recording in mobile situations in a discrete fashion that’ll certainly look good on camera.

The Teenage wizards have engineered the CM-15 with some neat features to make it work like a modern recording Swiss Army knife. These include a rechargeable battery that offers 10 hours of use and a 96 kHz ESS Sabre conversion stage.

In addition, the built-in preamp has three gain settings: -18 dB, 0 dB, and +18 dB. However, possibly the most outlandish feature is the fact that you can record via the XLR, minijack, and USB port at the same time.

Teenage Engineering CM-15

Teenage Engineering CM-15
Teenage Engineering CM-15

No customer rating available yet

Available for 1,199.00 € at thomann

Universal Audio Sphere DLX

The Sphere DLX is the flagship microphone modeling system from Universal Audio. With its double-diaphragm design, you can record in stereo using a range of 38 classic mic models.

What’s more, the flexible software allows you to change mic models and alter the characteristics of the room even after the recording is done and the vocal talent has left the building.

Overall, the Sphere DLX is an exciting prospect, especially for those who want quality, convenience, and versatility without needing a mic locker.

Sphere DLX

Universal Audio Sphere DLX Modeling Microphone
Universal Audio Sphere DLX Modeling Microphone

Customer rating:


Available for 1,299.00 € at thomann

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