Which Guitar Tuner to Buy? Strobe, Clip-on, or Pedal Tuners?


WHICH GUITAR TUNER TO BUY 128x71 1Which Guitar Tuner to Buy? Strobe, Clip-on, or Pedal Tuners?


In need of intonation? Guitar tuners are vital to you as a guitarist. You’ll find hundreds out there, and with lots of different types you’re probably wondering which guitar tuner to buy? If you need something to chuck in a gig bag or add to your studio, we have you covered. 

Strobe, Clip-on or Pedals? Which Guitar Tuner to Buy?

Is that pesky G string playing up again? Then you’ll need to tune up. But, how will you know what tuner to use? Most of us will be familiar with the various mobile apps for guitar tuning. Sure, they’re great for on the move adjustment. However, a well sorted pedal, clip-on or strobe tuner will ensure maximum accuracy for your six strings.

Thomann CTG-10

Regardless if you’re just starting out or signing another record deal, you should always have a cheap clip-on tuner laying around. This CTG-10 clip-on tuner from Thomann is one of the cheapest ways of getting your guitar tuned accurately.

This chromatic tuner clips-on to the neck of you guitar and uses vibration sensors to help you tune. A large LCD display will help you see what adjustments you need to make in any dark venue.

With its mini size and price tag, this clip-on tuner will help you tune anywhere.

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Thomann CTG-10 Clip Tuner
Thomann CTG-10 Clip Tuner

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Available for 4.90 € at thomann

Preston StroboStomp HD

Somewhat more advanced from a clip-on, this smart StroboStomp from Preston offers more than just EADGBE.

If your band has that unique sound, or you just love some heavy drop-c riffs, then this tuner could be for you! With a switch menu, you’ll be able to save over 100 custom tunings. Additionally, an HD display will show you exactly what you need to know.

With a true-bypass, hook this up in your signal and forget about interference. When the riffs get too hard, you’ll have this strobe tuner to help you out.

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StroboStomp HD

Peterson StroboStomp HD
Peterson StroboStomp HD

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Available for 149.00 € at thomann

Korg CA-50

Korg have been helping musicians tune for over 40 years! So when it comes to which guitar tuner to buy, consider this one. This pocket-sized device is a precision tool for a quick tune before band rehearsals.

Standing out from its competition is a built-in microphone, listening out for that dodgy G string. However, what if your bassist just won’t stop playing? Plug into this battery operated chromatic tuner, to avoid interference when tuning.

With reference tones on hand, this tuner is ideal for ear training, and use with other stringed instruments. Enjoy 135-hours of battery life and a reasonable price tag. You get a professional accessory for very little.

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Korg CA-50

Korg CA-50 Chromatic Tuner
Korg CA-50 Chromatic Tuner

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Available for 22.00 € at thomann

Harley Benton Power Plant Tuner

The ultimate tuner for gigging guitarists? Here we have a chromatic pedal tuner, with an integrated power supply for other pedals. 

Add this pedal tuner to your rig with confidence, this is suitable for guitars and basses.  A large LED display houses the accurate range for your tuning.

Included are stabilized power cables, and 2-cables for reversing polarities. This tuner will fit right in on your pedal board.

Harley Benton Power Plant 300x300 1

PowerPlant Tuner

Harley Benton PowerPlant Tuner
Harley Benton PowerPlant Tuner

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Available for 65.00 € at thomann

Korg Pitchblack X PRO

Finally, another offering from Korg. The Pitchblack X Pro will be a welcome addition to your studio set up. At 482mm in length, you’re not exactly going to carry this around with you. However, the 10″ rack mount format is ideal for pro touring rigs and mounting into your studio rack.

This tuner has fantastic readability thanks to its multi-colour 3D display with changeable illumination. Also on offer are 4-display modes:

  • Normal
  • Strobe
  • Half Strobe
  • Focus

See them in action!

You’ll know exactly which strings need kicking into touch with this tuner. Moreover, the added cable checker will help you weed out your faulty leads!

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Korg Pitchblack X PRO

Korg Pitchblack X PRO
Korg Pitchblack X PRO

Customer rating:


Available for 199.00 € at thomann







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